What is Active Week?

Active Week West Virginia is an initiative of the West Virginia Physical Activity Network (WVPAN) which aims to increase physical activity in West Virginia.

In partnership with a number of individuals and organizations around the state, WVPAN assists communities in creating the culture needed to guide West Virginians into a more physically active lifestyle, to improve health and quality of life.


  • Provide a directory of physical activity groups around the state.
  • Connect people with resources to start their own physical activity initiatives.
  • Help communities organize great events to get people moving.
  • Share amazing stories of what’s already happening around physical activity in West Virginia.


  • Try This WV – the idea for the WVPAN was launched at Try This 2014!
  • Active Southern WV
  • WV Bureau for Public Health, Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease
  • WV Community Development Hub
  • WV Physical Activity Plan
  • WV School of Public Health

Check out all the latest news about physical activity and health
initiatives happening right now in West Virginia!

To learn more, or to add to our directory of physical activity organizations,
contact WVPAN Coordinator Courtney Roark, at c.roark@wvhub.org